Curt Miller is a professional magician based in Houston, Texas. He began his magic career at the tender age of 11 and had business cards at age 13! He has appeared on national television (The Disney Channel), Magic Island, The Hobby Center for the Performing Arts (the first illusionist to perform there) and for 10 years with his Grand Illusion show at Moody Gardens. Miller has also entertained for some of the largest corporations in the country including Amazon, ExxonMobil and Coca-Cola. His celebrity clients include William Shatner, Christopher Lloyd, Henry Winkler, John Cleese, Gilbert Gottfried, Perez Hilton and Sinbad!

Curt Miller is also recognized by his peers and was featured on the cover of “M-U-M” Magazine (Magic-Unity-Might), the international magazine of the Society of American Magicians.

Curt Miller on the cover of M-U-M Magazine

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